We, the members of the Atomy family strongly believe and stand behind our CEO Mr. Han Gil Park's Mission and Vision



Cherish the spirit

We are spiritual beings created by God to be the most valuable creations in the universe,
worthy to be considered precious, never used as means.



Create the Vision

Everything we can see came out from the unseen.
In other words, it is an outcome of creative thinking.

The most accurate way to predict the future is to plan it.
When the future is coming to us, it has to be the one with our intention.

We are pleased with creating vision and put efforts into refining it with all the details.
Passion for created vision becomes the energy to endure any hardship we might confront.

The future we greet has to be the one we dreamt of.
Departed ship with undecided destination becomes wrecked ship at the end.



Follow the faith

What can be seen is not the object of faith.
Faith for unseen vision has the power to draw an action and it becomes reality at last.

When you stand upon 'higher vision', the reality is finally drawn to where you are.

When someone has the vision that cannot be seen, people call him a madman.
In the end, manifestation of what was seen by a madman is called a miracle.
And we call him a great man.



Serve in humility

Humility is the most significant behavioral pattern.
Even though our thoughts are as high as the sky, our attitude must be as low as possible.
We are in service industry and service is what servants do.
We consider ourselves as servants who wish to serve you and our heart is full of noble self-esteem.
Those who rebound themselves will get lower and those who lower themselves will be respected.
If you are still being humble even after achieving everything, honor transforms into respect.