Atomy information seminar on June 14 2016

I picked up a information about the seminar from June 14, 2016


Good day!

We Thank you for your interest and cooperation on our seminar last Jun/14.

The following are some of announcements to be informed:

1. Grand Opening Ceremony will be held on June 28. 2016 at SMX Convention Center.
1)On 28th of June, at 12:00pm, participants with “Reservation Number” can start registering and get their “WRIST BAND” at the “Registration Table” near the entrance. (the starting time of registration is subject to change)
2) At 1:40pm people without “Reservation Number” can start entering the function room.

2. Opening of Atomy Philippines website and Pre-member registration (
1) The website will be open on June 29, 2016 at 9:00 am (Philippine standard time) only the registration will be opened.
2) Pre- member registration: Filipino who has a TIN card, foreigner who has a Philippine Permanent Residents Visa, and Special Resident Retiree’s Visa (SRRV).

Tin card holder
-Register from the website then follow the process for mobile certification.
-The verification form must be filled and signed by the person who is applying for the membership.
-No other ID’s are needed.

3. Education Center
1)Must be a member of Atomy Philippines and reach sales master at least 3 times.
2) For 3 months, there must be at least 1,500 million PVs accumulated from the down lines per month.
3) The details will be announced on July.

4. Order/Payment/Shipment/Commission
1) The Online Shopping Mall will be open in August. (For now only the detergents will be launched because these doesn’t need FDA registration.) The other products will be launched step by step once they are registered at FDA. The skin care/beauty products will take around 3 months for it be registered.
2) Before the launching of main products (HemoHIM, Skin Care 6 System, Oral care, etc.) Atomy Philippine members can’t login on other Global Atomy websites
3) All the products in the Philippines have one price except HemoHIM.
4) Payment system- Credit cards and Cash deposits.
5) Member price will be confirmed after 협의
6) Shipment is just same as Korea – Delivery Service the fee for shipment for different regions will be announced on July.
7) The commission will be distributed through BDO Bank in the Philippines.

1)The visitation of Atomy Philippines office is limited to 25 people so please reserve first before you visit the office. (Still negotiating to increase the no. of people to 50)
2) We are planning to have one day seminars in different regions (Manila, Cebu, Davao, etc.) in the month of July. We will announce through when the schedule is confirmed.

Thank you.