Where to put my new downline?


I am asked often the same question: Where will I place my new downline?

Before I give you some hints to that, please note a few things first:

  • Atomy uses a binary system
    That means, there are only two legs, the first one (left) and the second one (right)
  • Atomy can reach unlimited depth
  • Purchases by yourself are called PV (Personal Value)
  • Purchases by your downlines are called GV (Group Value)
  • To be qualified for earnings, you must have purchased at least 10,000 PV, better 300,000 PV to get the full commission
  • To get paid you need to reach a purchase on one day of at least 300,000 GV in your left leg (unlimited deep, each purchase counts) AND at least 300,000 GV in your right leg (unlimited deep, each purchase counts)
  • If you do not reach the 300,000 GV on one day, it will be carried over to the next day(s), till you reach at least 300,000 GV on both legs.
  • Every purchase from one person counts for each upline as their GV and increases with each purchase upwards.

Considering all these details above, we line up new signups:







  • We help our downlines (our left leg or our right leg) ONLY on the left leg. That way, they are working as a team. The lowest one's purchase is counted as part of the GV for all above uplines.

  • By lining up only on the left leg, we encourage our partners to add their own right leg. Again we encourage them only to help their left side of each legs.
  • However, we also need to take care that we balance our legs. We need to match 300,000 GV to earn. Uplines add to our left leg, we expand our right leg. If our right leg is getting too big, then we need to add people to the left leg as well.