Summer seminars

We will conduct many orientation seminars in the greater area of Manila.

The following seminars are scheduled, but some are already fully booked. Please call or use imo or viber to contact Georgie for the right place and confirm your coming. Since Philippines requires a TIN card, we may ask people without TIN cards to attend another seminar from us.

2016-07-21=Dona_Hermosa_Subdivision 2016-07-22=Kapiligan 2016-07-23=Samagka_Multipurpose_Hall 2016-07-24=Sunnyville_4 2016-07-25=Seyaki_City_Hall 2016-07-26=Seyaki_City_Hall 2016-07-27=Sikapbuhay_City_Hall 2016-07-28=Sunnyville_4 2016-07-29=Green_View 2016-07-30=Montalban 2016-07-31=Samagka_Multipurpose_Hall 2016-08-01=Dona_Hermosa_Subdivision 2016-08-02=Montalban 2016-08-03=Valleyview_Subdivision 2016-08-04=Ampid_4_Subdivision 2016-08-05=Interpreneur_City_Hall 2016-08-06=Sunnyville_4 2016-08-07=Montalban