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1. Click on the flag:

CanadaJapanSingaporeSouth KoreaTaiwanUnited States of America (USA)


Selection_0052. Type in as ID: 4469175  (The seystem changes it to S4469175)

3. Type in as Password: guest123


4. Check on the right side to see my Chinese name (魏仁納) or English name (Ronald Wiplinger)

5. Check the name is followed by (Guest)

6. Click on Join Us


7. Click either the Join button or change to another country



8. Read all Agreements (print them out if you like) and click All agree


9. Scroll down and click Confirm

10. Fill in the form with your personal data and Click on Confirm:


Signup process for Philippines

11. Atomy has a dual leg system. Therefore new sign ups have to be put under a free spot in the tree. 

Currently there are following positions available:

S6418870, S6429998, S6442914,

S6483438, S6493259, S5286211,

S5215061, S6142015, S6279686, 

S6495687, S6505268, S6524361


Please use one of the above Sxxxxxxx as Sponsor ID with their corresponding names (Use Copy and Paste). This list will be frequently updated.

12. Congratulations!

You are now a member of Atomy.

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